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Vered HaGalil farm - Activities, Accommodation & Guided Tours

The Vered HaGalil farm offers guest accommodations in rooms constructed of wood and the local basalt stone, horseback riding on mountain trails, and a country-style restaurant. Workers at all the branches of this farm (restaurant, horseback riding, housekeeping) include both Arabs and Jews. There is a citrus fruit orchard and a grove of olive trees

Address: Rosh Pina, Upper Galilee

Back to Nature via the Bible - Guided tours, accommodation, restaurant & holistic activities

"Back to Nature via the Bible" is an ecological biblical village located atop Mt. Camun, within the spectacular scenery of the Galilee. It is a special place where you can go back in time to the days of our forefathers, to the days of the bible. All of one's senses are put to use during the fascinating visit to the biblical village. The scents of medicinal plants and herbs, the tastes of bread and hyssop baked in the clay oven and the beautiful vistas of the Galilee.

Address: Mitzpe Machmanim - Western Galilee

Kutin Eco farm - Organic farm

Ecological orchard, fruit winery, home made comfitures, pickled olives and olive oil, made by natural ways. Orchards guided tour, explanations, presentations and tasting. Enjoyment experience of olives picking and pickling, and also home made fruit wine. We avoid using chemicals. We introduce the ecological methods and show the it possible grow fruit without chemicals. We present 35 kinds of fruits trees among it an famous exotic fruit.

Address: Moshav Shdemot Dvora - Lower Galilee

Pool Blessing - Farming Experience, Accommodation & more

Sun blessing farm situated in Kfar Kish in the lower Galil. Its a Permaculture Organic Farm and you can join here an educational tour exploring the vegetable & spices garden, the vineyards, the orchard and the local forest. Also we offer camping area and alternative treatments, OrganIc shop for Organic food and Ecologic products, and courses about different kind of Ecologic manners

Address: Kfar Kish - Lower Galilee

Green Meal - Activities, Organic Meal & Guided Tours

Green meal' was born from love to the place, the work and from the happiness in prpering home food, and to open our home. The restaurant is located near the house, the organic spices and vegetables are growing in the near by weaning community for teenagers in Malkishua. The manu is vegterian with fish, vegetables are harvested right before meal, each season and its own vegetables.

Address: Malkishua, The Valleys

Bio-Tour- Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu - Eco Farm & Guided tours

How many times have you heard the phrase "organic farming" without really understanding what it means or what it entails? How about "biological pest control"? What do owls and organic vegetables have in common? How do donkeys play a part in organic farming? Predatory insects should we be afraid? How do sterile flies protect the environment, and what do bumble-bees do? One visit to Bio-Tour Sde Eliyahu, and you will know the answers to all of the above and more! On your next trip to Northern Israel, make your first stop Bio-Tour Sde Eliyahu!! 

Address: Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu - Beit Shean Vally

Yesh Me'ain- Eco-educational farm 

since we are a permaculture farm every aspect of our living is practical sustainability: recycle, compost, reuse, barter and exchange, grey water, organic gardening and eco-building are the subjects of our courses, workshops and tours.

Address:  Moshave Nahalal - Izrael Valley

Green Point - Ecological Garden &Guest Houses

GREEN POINT ecological garden project, which was founded in Nir Oz By Mr. Ran Pauker is a leading project which turn shade less desert into an Ecological sound water-wise oasis. Along with the garden you can find country style guest housing fully furnished and welcoming place.

Address: Kibutz Nir oz Ezuz - Western Negev

Weingut Hans Sternbach- Winery, Restaurant and Ecological Farm

Winery Hans Sternbach offers wine-tours and slow food meals. The house and winery open every weekend for meals accompanied by the local wines and variety of home-made delicacies as: cold, pickled and smoked meat, jams made of figs or eggplants, pumpkin or tomatoes etc. meals are served in a large grapevine bower near the winery and the organic vegetables and spices garden. The house and the vineyard are maintained in an environmental manner: saving water and energy means are in use , interpretation regarding the natural surrounding nature and information about traveling opportunities in the area are provided

Address: Givat Yeshaayaho, Ela Vally - Jerusalem Area

Boker Valley Vineyards - Farms, restaurant and accommodations

The Boker Valley Vineyards Farm has been established in early 1999 by Moshe & Hilda Zohar and held as a privet own farms, part of a unique project in the Negev region. The farm provide wide range of accommodation, farming activities and horse ride activities...
Address:  Near Sde bocker - Central Negev

Lotan Center for Creative Ecology- Farming Experience

Lotan center is a multi ecological programs experience center, which provide you the ability to  enroll in various ecological aspects, from organic farming and nature reserve true recycled art program and green building.

Address- kibbutz lotan - Arava

Land of Galilee - home stay, trips & ecological activities

we offer special eco tours (also for pilgrims) by foot, bicycles or horses, to the lower Galilee including home stay in local families with home made food. We also offer ecological activities, such as organic gardening & mud/adobe building.

Address - Kfar Kish - Lower Galilee

Har haruach Goat Farm - Goat cheese farm

Har Haruach Goat Farm is situated on the slopes of "Har Haruach" - the mountain of wind and spirit - in Judea Mountains, near Jerusalem. Our farm is an ecological agro-touristiic project, blending with the wild environment of the local Israeli mountain forest. The high quality raw milk given by our goats is used, after controlled pasteurization, to manufacture natural and organic cheese of several kinds.

Address: Nataf Yehuda Mountain- Jerusalem

Yarok Az - Farming activities, goat cheese & camping site

A touristy goat pen and a boutique dairy. The entire farm area is planned according to permaculture principles. The milking plant and the dairy's water are recycled by a wetland to irrigate the vegetables garden. There is compost, compost toilet and a recycling corner. All dairy products are stored in glass that is reused. Local people's products are soled. Camping services, including kitchen, are offered . In the future, a visitors center and a Galilean authentiuqe inn will be built with local soil and stone.

Address: Ilania - Lower Galilee

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