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Wildlife Experience

GoEco - Activities, explore the nature & contribute to the people

GoEco presents an exciting new travel concept for people who are eager to explore remote parts of the world and to contribute at the same time to the welfare of the local population and eco-system they visit.

Address:  Mitzpe Ramon - Central Negev

Tazpit - guided tours & wild animals observation

Bird watching and nature tours all over Israel, according to seasons and migratory times (Eilat and Arava Valley at spring, and Ahula Valley and Golan Heights at winter) and according to the clients desires

Address: Moshav Ramot Golan Heights

Farming Experience

Bustan Peqiin Organic farms and Guest house

Ecological and Tourist Farm And what is that? It doesnt really matter.

The answer lies within each and every one! After a short visit to Bustan Peqiin, after experiencing the silence, the isolation, the nature and simplicity, the things that we have forgotten about, the spirit of the Galil region and the holiness of Peqiin, every one of us finds their own meaning.

Address- Moshav Clil - Western Galilee

Al Alim Medicinal Herb Center - Organic farm

SupHerbs is a contract herb-growing farm located in the north of Israel, Near Nazareth, within the agricultural community of Zippori. The company has been growing medicinal plants for the industry in Israel since 1990.
Presently, approximately 25 hectares, (60 acres) are used for the production of medicinal plants, and additional land is in rotation

Address: Zippori Vilage - Lower Galilee

Zimmerbus - Guided Tours Rrestaurant and Aaccommodation

The Zimmerbus are a series of three different types of buses that were recycled into the most amazing environmental friendly zimmers for guests. They are situated in the midst of the most unique village in the Israeli Negev the village of Ezuz
Address Mitzpe Ezuz- Central Negev

Lotan Center for Creative Ecology- Farming Experience

Lotan center is a multi ecological programs experience center, which provide you the ability to  enroll in various ecological aspects, from organic farming and nature reserve true recycled art program and green building.

Address- kibbutz lotan - Arava

Boker Valley Vineyards - Farms, restaurant and accommodations

The Boker Valley Vineyards Farm has been established in early 1999 by Moshe & Hilda Zohar and held as a privet own farms, part of a unique project in the Negev region. The farm provide wide range of accommodation, farming activities and horse ride activities...
Address:  Near Sde bocker - Central Negev

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